Twsbi Twsbi Swipe Fountain Pen Prussian Blue
Twsbi Twsbi Swipe Fountain Pen Prussian Blue

Twsbi Swipe Fountain Pen Prussian Blue

The new pen is called SWIPE. (nib is the same as the ECO, #4 size)
North America Editions: Pen itself, traditional converter, Spring loaded converter, and a cartridge. All in one box, together. 
TWSBI SWIPE fountain pens have stainless steel nibs and use a Cartridge/ Converter filling system. The barrels are transparent so you can see the amount of ink and the cap includes an inner cap that provides a perfect seal when the pen is not in use. 

Note: Please take care if removing/adding the nib as it is very fragile.
We also made 10pc/pack cartridge sets in Black, Sapphire, and Red. The fitting is the universal style, therefore other brands' cartridges will work with the SWIPE; minus the brands who use their proprietary cartridges and converters. 

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