Taccia Taccia Sharaku-Natane (Rapeseed) Bottled Ink
Taccia Taccia Sharaku-Natane (Rapeseed) Bottled Ink

Taccia Sharaku-Natane (Rapeseed) Bottled Ink


The Ukiyo-e is a Japanese printing established in the Edo-period(17th century) to feature the life style, trend and play by the people of the time.

Those colors used for Ukiyo-e are too delicate to be expressed in a single word.

Our product Ukiyo-e ink reproduce these colors and will expand your enjoyment of drawing with fountain pens.

The first 4 colors each are released as Hokusai and Sharaku collection.

All inks are made of safe raw materials and all colors were supervised by the color consultant in Japan.

These ink collections were also produced by the stationery expert and manufactured by our factory.

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