Rickshaw 3-Pen Coozy - Saffron (Long)
Rickshaw 3-Pen Coozy - Saffron (Long)

Rickshaw 3-Pen Coozy - Saffron (Long)


Rickshaws Plush Coozy is simple, soft and flexible. No flap, no elastic, no velcro, quick access — but still secure (as long as you don't shake it violently upside down). Available for 2, 3, 4 or 5 pens, in several lengths. Like all of our pen storage products, the Coozy is lined with our super-soft Royal Plush™ to protect and pamper your precious pens. Our 2-Pen and 3-Pen Coozies nest neatly in our padded, zip-shut Coozy Case (up to size Long). Our Medium 2-Pen Coozy will nest neatly into your Nockco Sinclair case to provide plush protection for two precious pens. Our 4-Pen and 5-Pen Cozzies fit neatly — flat or rolled — in our Bento Bag and A5 Field Bag.

Rickshaw makes the softest pen sleeves, cases, and rolls on the planet!

Made in USA. Everything made-to-order in our own SF workshop.

Coozy Size Guide:

  • Long (L) for pens up to 6” — the "one size fits most" sweet spot

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