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Wearingeul Becoming Witch Bottled Ink Set

Wearingeul Becoming Witch Bottled Ink Set

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Becoming Witch Set contains one 30ml bottle of Wicked Witch and four different Magic Glitter Potions. You can make glistening inks from four magical element attributes: fire, ice, dark and light, by adding glitter potions into Wicked Witch. Make your witch inks of four cardinal points in the world of Oz!

Wicked Witch is a magical dark navy blue ink with a mysterious copper sheen, showing the distinctive atmosphere of the wicked witch.

Wicked Witch of the East:

  • Frost - An ice attribute magic potion with ice cold light blue glitter

Wicked Witch of the West:

  • Mind Control - A dark attribute with viciously shining violet glitters

Wicked Witch of the South:

  • Flame - A fire attribute that makes stunningly beautiful dark ink

Wicked Witch of the North:

  • Healing Light: A light attribute of a brightly shining golden yellow glitter.

How to use the Glitter Potion

  • Shake the potion gently so that the shimmering sediments don’t sink.
  • Add the Glitter Potion, 1/10 the amount of the target ink, using a dropper to the target ink.
  • Close the lid and shake it gently so that it mixes well.