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Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen - Sound of Rain - Winter Rain

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen - Sound of Rain - Winter Rain

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No matter the season, rain brings with it a certain kind of magic. It makes you want to curl your hands around a fragrant mug of coffee and get lost in a good story, while the dust of yesterday is washed away. Raindrops glimmer on every surface, bringing the seasons to life around you as the clouds move away and the sun shines through.

Sailor’s The Sound of Rain series evokes the peace and grace of rain with the gentle matte colors of every season. The Sailor Professional Gear Slim Sound of Rain Series Winter Rain Fountain Pen has a delicate translucent matte light purple body with gold trim and is adorned with a bi-color 21K Medium- Fine gold nib for a flawlessly smooth writing experience.

There are four introductions to this series: Spring Rain, Summer Rain, Autumn Drizzle and Winter Rain, and all of them will transport you into a dewdrop garden or a rain-streaked window, where you can breathe in a moment of pure calm.

Highlights of the Sound of Rain are:

·      Professional Gear SLIM size but with a 21K bi-color plated Gold Nib.  A first from Sailor

·      Available only in MF nib size

·      Matte finish cap, barrel and grip section