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Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen - Manyo - Dianthus (Limited Edition)

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen - Manyo - Dianthus (Limited Edition)

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Each pen in the Special Edition Sailor Manyo Fountain Pen collection was inspired by two Manyo inks, resulting in exciting new color combinations with exclusive top finial designs. Celebrate late winter blooms with Willow and Plum, the early spring flowers with Dianthus or Cherry Blossom, and enjoy the soft autumn colors of Nuts. These pens are sold as a set and will arrive with a 50mL bottle of Manyo ink to match! Sailor Manyo Fountain Pens are available in 14K gold, or 14K gold with rhodium plating in sizes Fine, Medium Fine, and Medium. These matching Manyo fountain pen and ink sets with exclusive finials are sure to catch the eye of beginners and collectors alike.

  • Material - PMMA Resin

  • Nib - 14K Gold in F, MF, or M

  • Gold or Silver Trims

  • Unique top finial designs

  • Sold as an elegant set that includes a matching Sailor Manyo ink color and a converter

  • Matching Manyo inks: Cherry Blossom – Manyo Sakura, Nuts – Manyo Shirakashi, Willow Manyo Nekoyanagi, Dianthus – Manyo Nadeshiko, Plum – Manyo Yomogi