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Sailor Pro Gear Fountain Pen - Stellar Black Hole (Limited Edition)

Sailor Pro Gear Fountain Pen - Stellar Black Hole (Limited Edition)

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Formed when the core of a massive star collapses in a 'Supernova' event due to the extreme gravitational forces existing! Even light cannot escape these cosmic wonders. Every main galaxy in the Universe has a massive. "Stellar Black hole' at the centre - Our own Milky Way has 'Sagittarius A', which has a mass equivalent to 4 Million of our Suns! Sailor have created a unique Fountain pen to depict such a forceful Cosmic concept. Please enjoy the experience!

The new, Sailor Stellar Black Hole is inspired by and named after a phenomenon that creates widespread wonder and fascination: the Black Hole. The body and finial are space black with various speckles like an explosion of extraterrestrial dust, while the cap is a warm golden yellow with golden glitter like stars spread across the surface. Stellar Black Hole by Sailor is a Pro Gear Standard size that features golden accents and a bicolor 21K gold nib that offers an effortlessly smooth writing experience.

  • Limited production with only 1,200 available in 2022