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Sailor Iro-Miyabi Ebonite Fountain Pen - Fukaki-Ake (Bespoke)

Sailor Iro-Miyabi Ebonite Fountain Pen - Fukaki-Ake (Bespoke)

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Sailor BESPOKE’s 2nd Edition release in the Iro-Miyabi Collection, ‘Miyabi-nuri,’ features historical colors of nobility. The delicate patterns on each of these pens are created with the expressive application of lacquers using a silk cloth. The patterns that result are soft, elegant, and refined with colors that precisely complement one another. If you take a closer look, you’ll also notice the subtle shimmer to these designs achieved by the delicate sprinkling of pure gold and silver powders to their surface.

These colors have achieved historical significance, and have been around for many millennia. Ran-Peki is a jasper blue that has been of importance in Shintoism since ancient times, followed by the deep madder red of Fukaki-Ake, a color that has been associated with nobility since the Asuka period. The Edo period brought us the navy blue and lapis lazuli colors of Kon-Ruri, while the stylish brown of Bun-Jin-Cha was recognized during the mid-Meiji period.

Each of these sophisticated pens is made on an ebonite base in a King of Pen size, and all feature the famously smooth 21K, bi-color gold nib for a seamless, unparalleled writing experience. All will arrive in their own beautifully crafted paulownia boxes built for lacquer pen storage and decorated with a special Sanada-strap: commonly used in Japanese tea ceremonies.


  • Available in 4 colors with 2 nibs sizes: M and B
  • Material: Ebonite
  • Nib: 21K KOP Oversize Bi-color plated
  • Trims: Gold