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Sailor Cocktail Fountain Pen Set - Gin (Limited Edition)

Sailor Cocktail Fountain Pen Set - Gin (Limited Edition)

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The Sailor ‘mixologists’ are back at it with a new set of cocktail-based pens! The Sailor Cocktail Exclusive Fountain Pen Set is a classy combination of gin cocktail-inspired colors, from the greens of Around the World, the lavender colors of Violet Fizz, the bright blue of Blue Train, the rich orange of Argentina, and the smoky white of the classic Gin Martini. The body style is Sailor's Professional Gear Standard Size Fountain Pen.

Available Nib Sizes: Fine, Medium Fine and Medium

Filling System: Proprietary Ink Cartridges/Converter

A set of 5 Fountain pens, each fountain pen in this set comes with a 21K gold nib guaranteed to give you a delightful, luxurious writing experience. When you purchase a Cocktail Exclusive Fountain Pen Set, you’ll also receive a leather pen case for free with 5 slots, so you can safely store, transport, and display your collection. Cap off your night journaling with fountain pens that match your favorite drinks with the Sailor Cocktail Exclusive Set.

Sailor Cocktail Exclusive Fountain Pen Set Details:

· Limited Edition production for worldwide distribution

· Set of 5 pens in the Professional Gear Standard size

· Each set is available with either F, MF, or M 21K Gold/Rhodium plated nib

· Must be ordered as a set and all 5 pens in each set must have the same nib size

· Includes a free 5-slot Leather Pen Case Holder to store all 5 pens

· Includes a Proprietary Ink Converter and an Ink Cartridge