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Rickshaw Bagworks 8-Pen Coozy Case - Yuki Cat

Rickshaw Bagworks 8-Pen Coozy Case - Yuki Cat

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Our "Yuki Cat" Special Edition Coozy Case features artwork by Yuki Tanaka (@smirkingcat). This case includes the popular outside slip pocket and black paracord zipper pulls. Please note: External mods are not avaialble on this case.

Our Coozy Case is designed to hold three of our plush Pen Coozies — two 3-Pen Coozies plus one 2-Pen Coozy, nested together, to pamper 8 pens total. Since the case is flexible, it will comfortably accommodate a second 2-Pen Coozy and two Solo Pen Sleeves, for a total of 12 pens. The Coozy Case is sized to hold up to size "L" Coozies, so XS, S, M and L will all fit just fine.