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Retro 51 Tornado Fountain Pen - P-47 Thunderbolt (Vintage Metalsmith)

Retro 51 Tornado Fountain Pen - P-47 Thunderbolt (Vintage Metalsmith)

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Retro 51 P-47 Thunderbolt is now taking off to fly alongside the P-51 and Corsair in the Vintage Metalsmith series. This warbird fountain pen is designed after the most popular World War II U.S. fighter plane with over 15,000 units produced. It was known for its heavy artillery that successfully served in offensive air-to-air combat plus skillful ground attack. Its rugged construction allowed it to withstand battle damage and still remain airworthy. 

The Tornado emulates the P-47 with its acid-etched rivets and paneling on the barrel and painted with the striking red, yellow and green color scheme. It's emblazoned with the nose art of the 352nd Fighter Group's P-47 nicknamed "Dallas Blonde," and complete with antique silver trim and matching checkered finial. Pick up this beaut and prepare for your next mission. 
Filling: Retro 51 International Ink Cartridges/Converter (Included)