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Private Reserve Pearlescent Turquoise-Silver (60ml) Bottled Ink

Private Reserve Pearlescent Turquoise-Silver (60ml) Bottled Ink

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These Private Reserve inks are proudly made and packaged in the USA. They are vibrant, smooth flowing, and fast drying, providing excellent coverage. The inks are neutral in pH and offer a great writing experience for any fountain pen. 

Private Reserve's latest release of bottled inks exhibit a unique shimmering effect that, when dried, has a beautiful translucent pearl-like finish. 


  • As with all shimmering inks, shake prior to use to get the best effect.
  • These pearlescent inks tend to dry with a slight powdery film.
  • Recommended for use with brush and dip pens

Specific to Fountain Pens:

  • It is advised to thoroughly clean before storing to prevent clogging of your nib.
  • For fountain pens, nib sizes Medium and above are suggested to best show the beautiful properties of these inks.
  • We have found these inks to "spread" and increase the size of your handwriting to appear larger than you are used to. For example: Expect your medium nib to appear more like a broad, etc. 

Ink Color: Turquoise-Silver