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Monteverde Ritma Carbon Fiber 5 Piece Set (3 Pens plus Bottled Ink/Refill) - Special Edition

Monteverde Ritma Carbon Fiber 5 Piece Set (3 Pens plus Bottled Ink/Refill) - Special Edition

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The Ritma™ collection is inspired by the minimalist movement of the 1960’s and 70’s, where clean lines, straightforward designs and beautiful colors within work were the most prominent. Machined to perfection using a mixture of steel and aluminum, the Ritma™ boasts a streamlined design from magnetic cap top to back post, perfect for those who prefer a well-balanced and heavyweight pen.

Each aluminum barrel is anodized and treated with a matte finish, resulting in a muted pop of vibrant colors that are soft to the touch and beautifully accentuated with polished gunmetal accents. The clip is designed to match the straight lines of the body style with an extra flair, the center cut in an elongated oval shape for ease of use.

An exciting feature of this minimalist pen is the magnetic cap and posting, so secure and perfectly designed to the pen it creates a seal. No need to twist off, gently pull and enjoy the striking pop-action sound of the seal opening, then post to the back to experience the secure magnetic seal there as well. To reveal the ballpoint tip, twist at the gunmetal grip area and twist counterclockwise.

The fountain pen is available in a selection of premium JoWo black stainless steel point nibs: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub or Omniflex and uses a threaded ink converter or ink cartridge (included). The ballpoint pen accepts Parker® style refills. The rollerball pen accepts standard international rollerball refills. Each Ritma™ pen is housed in a newly designed slim gift box.