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Montblanc Egyptomania Rollerball (Heritage Special Edition)

Montblanc Egyptomania Rollerball (Heritage Special Edition)

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The Montblanc Heritage Collection Egyptomania celebrates the pioneering spirit of Montblanc. Reinterpreting the writing instrument, it features a longer, slimmer silhouette and craftsmanship refined over generations. With its octagonal shape, this writing instrument is reminiscent of the octagonal-shaped writing instruments designed by Montblanc in the 1920's, which included Egyptian-style engravings: so-called "Egyptian pens". Created in black precious resin, it features "Montblanc" on the cap in Egyptian hieroglyphics, and a scarab beetle on the clip.

Filling: Montblanc Classique Rollerball Refill available in a variety of colors