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Leuchtturm1917 Drehgriffel Nr. 1 Ballpoint - Vanilla (Discontinued)

Leuchtturm1917 Drehgriffel Nr. 1 Ballpoint - Vanilla (Discontinued)

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The Leuchtturm1917 Drehgriffel Nr. 1 Vanilla Ballpoint Pen is a twist-to-open ballpoint available in beautiful colors to match their best-selling notebooks. Made from aluminum and brass with a matte paint finish, these pens have heft and retro appeal. They're the perfect size to tuck into your matching Leuchtturm1917 pen loop, and they take Parker-style refills, too!

Leuchtturm1917 Drehgriffel Nr. 1 Vanilla Ballpoint Pen Details:

  • Length: 13 cm
  • with ink Flow Blue in Royal Blue
  • Spring-loaded twist mechanism
  • Precision-milled aluminum and brass, painted and sealed
Drehgriffel History:
LEUCHTTURM1917 has revived the Drehgriffel from the 1920s. The name “Drehgriffel”  is a German compound noun that directly translates as twist stylus. Its characteristic design makes this writing instrument truly distinctive: a hexagonal body with a pointed tip, which, like the twist button, is in a contrasting color.