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Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen - Dark Olive (Collector's Edition)

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen - Dark Olive (Collector's Edition)

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The Kaweco Sport Collectors Edition Dark Olive Fountain Pen has a durable plastic body with a gold plated logo at the top of the cap. Adorned with a gold colored steel nib, available sizes include: Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Double Broad.

Filling System: Cartridge/Converter

Kaweco Sport Dark Olive Fountain Pen Details:

  • Gold-plated stainless steel nib in sizes EF-BB
  • Gold accents
  • Screw on Cap that can be posted
  • Filling System: Cartridge/Converter (plunge mini converter sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 4.2" x .5"
  • Pocket-sized fountain pen that transforms into a full-sized pen when posted that easily fits in your hand