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Kaweco Perkeo Rollerball - Breezy Teal

Kaweco Perkeo Rollerball - Breezy Teal

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The Perkeo rollerball in Breezy Teal offers a modern design for entry into the world of writing, regardless of age. The octagonal cap and the 16-edged barrel harmonize perfectly with each other, because the different angles create a unique play of light and shadow.

But the Kaweco Perkeo in Breezy Teal doesn't just have a lot to offer externally. The ergonomic handle and the low weight support the posture and enable fatigue-free writing.

In addition to the adequate price, the good quality of the rollerball is particularly impressive. This makes the pen ideal for getting started in school or in the field of high-quality writing.

Breezy Teal brings harmony and serenity to the paper with a soft but cool petrol. The color is a slightly saturated mixture of blue and green. This makes the rollerball easy on the eye and looks very natural.

The Kaweco Perkeo rollerball contains a black EURO lead with a line width of 0.7 mm.