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Diplomat Black (30ml) Bottled Ink

Diplomat Black (30ml) Bottled Ink

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Diplomat Black Bottled Ink is part of Diplomat's launch of a new range of high quality fountain pen inks made in Germany by Octopus Fluids. Offered in an array of 15 different colors, these inks are sold in elegant 30ml glass bottles and boast a smooth everyday writing experience. Perfect for use for both fountain pens using a piston or converter filling system as well as dip pens.

Color: Black ink with blue undertones.

Octopus Fluids

it was very important for Diplomat to find a local partner in the Saxony region of Germany, where the pens are manufactured.  Carefully matched for optimal performance in Diplomat fountain pens, this partnership resulted in an array of vibrant colors.

Developed by chemist Dr. Kai-Oliver Schäfer, the parameters he used to assess the quality go beyond color and saturation. With every lab-scale batch and every writing test, his requirements regarding pleasant shades, a low degree of fraying, optimum drying time, quick writing and smooth gliding are an obsession.

In his own words, "What started out as a good product is now becoming a passion of mine.”  and “It’s no longer about writing something beautiful – it’s about beauty itself!”