Platinum Platinum Classic Citrus Black - 60ml Bottled Ink
Platinum Platinum Classic Citrus Black - 60ml Bottled Ink

Platinum Classic Citrus Black - 60ml Bottled Ink


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Platinum Classic Citrus Black is now available for purchase online and in-store pick up at Dromgoole's - Houston, Texas

Volume: 60ml
Bottle: Glass
|Justin CallMay-01-2021 13:18

This is one of my favorite inks. Depending on the pressure and flow, you can get anything from a soft yellow, to a golden brown, to a rich sepia, and then down into a nice dark yellow-black (hence the name "citrus black"). This is an iron gall ink, so it's also darn near waterproof (the black part that oxidizes your paper won't be going anywhere, but you might wash out some of that gorgeous yellow if you aren't careful). When you first start writing, it goes down as a bright yellow-orange citrus that can be difficult to see in low-lighting (works best when the light source is shining on the dry paper and reflected by the wet ink), but as it starts to dry, it shifts very quickly into the hues mentioned above (one of the lovely properties of being an Iron Gall ink). Using the larger Opus 88 Koloro Demonstrator (Clear), it comes out juicy and wet from my #6 Jowo nib (1.5 stub). CAUTION: this will stain the interior of your acrylic demonstrators (I intentionally stained mine because I like the yellow color).

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