Pineider Pineider Avatar UR Demo Rollerball - Amber
Pineider Pineider Avatar UR Demo Rollerball - Amber

Pineider Avatar UR Demo Rollerball - Amber

$148.00 $79.00

The Pineider Avatar UR Demo Rollerball Amber is available for order on-line and in-store at Dromgoole's.

Pineider now proudly presents the transparent version which uses an even more advanced formula of UltraResin. Transparent pens were known as "demonstrators" in the 1920s because they were used to illustrate the pen's internal mechanism from salesmen to pen dealers. Manufacturing transparent pens is costly because it is fairly difficult to polish a pen on the inside, so even the smallest flaw tends to be visible. Transparency allows one not only to see the pen's mechanism but also to monitor its ink level.

The Demo collection comes in four colours: transparent, amber, wine red and sky blue. The first two are completely transparent, while wine red and sky blue are semi-transparent.

The pen is assembled with a new technology known as GlueLess. Thanks to its having been designed in 3D and to the highest possible precision being implemented throughout the manufacturing process, the pen is assembled without a single drop of glue being employed in the process. Each component part slots into the next like a meccano toy.

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