Pilot Pilot Prera Fountain Pen Orange
Pilot Pilot Prera Fountain Pen Orange

Pilot Prera Fountain Pen Orange

$74.00 $59.20

The Pilot Prera Fountain Pen Orange is available for order on-line and in-store at Dromgoole's.

The Prera Fountain Pen Collection is crafted with a clear resin barrel for showcasing beautiful inks. each pen is infused with frosted colored accents, with seven eye-catching options to choose from. Equipped with a vacuum seal cap and capillary controlled ink delivery system, Prera Fountain Pen nibs are protected from drying out and will not blot on writing surfaces.


Click the following links to view available colors:
Light Blue | Red | Pink | Green | Blue | Black


The "Write" Up

 Body MaterialAcrylic Resin
 Trim MaterialOrange
 Cap TypeSnap
 Filling SystemCartridge | Converter
 FillingProprietery Ink Cartridges | Bottled Ink
 Maximum Ink Capacity1.07 ml | .84 ml
 Available Nib SizesF, M, 1.0 Stub
 Nib ColorSilver
 Nib MaterialSteel
 Body.2 oz | 7.0 g
 Cap.3 oz | 8.0 g
 Overall.5 oz | 15.0 g
 Body4.20 in | 107 mm
 Cap2.1 in | 54.0 mm
 Nib.7 in | 18.0 mm
 Posted5.3 in | 135.0 mm
 Closed4.8 in | 121.0 mm
 Body.5 in | 12.0 mm
 Cap Without Clip.5 in | 13.5 mm
 Cap With Clip.6 in | 16.4 mm
 Grip.4 in | 9.4 mm

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