aper production is a long tradition for the Meurthe Valley, since the first paper mills were created in the 16th century. It is in this environment that the Papeteries de Clairefontaine have started their production in 1858, in the small town of Grand Clairefontaine, located 90 km from Strasbourg on the edges of the Meurthe. Taking advantage of the cloths provided by the local textile industry, Clairefontaine will become in a few years one of the most important factories in the region.

In order to complete its offer, the company will be interested in the manufacture of envelopes in 1880 and the notebooks.


The three activities: paper, envelopes and notebooks, are always present on the site. Plant has two machines to paper of 3.40 m wide. For one of them, the production speed reaches 1000 m per minute, which is 60km and 15 tons of paper per hour.


On the other hand the Clairefontaine paper mills do not produce their papers pasta but supply on the world market. This allows them to diversify the sources to achieve an optimal composition of their papers, with for example from long fibre softwood from Scandinavia to the resistance or the short fibres from the Brazilian eucalyptus forests for opacity and printability properties. Clairefontaine only use pasta to paper from 100% of forests certified for their environmental management. Moreover, their Everbal subsidiary manufactures that are recycled papers, without de-inking and bleaching, with exceptional performance of 106 kgs of waste paper implemented for 100 kgs of paper products.