Narwhal Nahvalur Schuylkill Fountain Pen - Asfur Bronze
Narwhal Nahvalur Schuylkill Fountain Pen - Asfur Bronze
Narwhal Nahvalur Schuylkill Fountain Pen - Asfur Bronze

Nahvalur Schuylkill Fountain Pen - Asfur Bronze


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The Narwhal Schuylkill Asfur Bronze Fountain Pen is made of a beautiful orange, white, and blue swirled resin. Featuring an ink window that allows the user to monitor their ink reserve even when capped, this fountain pen is fitted with a Narwhal in-house stainless steel nib.

Available Nib Sizes: Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub

The Narwhal Schuylkill Asfur Bronze Fountain Pen Details:

  • Piston Filling System
  • Custom-made Resin materials
  • In-House Narwhal Nib
  • Packaged in branded gift box

This pen is named after the Schuylkill River (pronounced SKOO-kill) that runs through Philadelphia, keeping with the marine tradition of Narwhal Pens.

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|Anthony MadridSep-27-2020 18:34

When I ordered this pen, I saw two sources of excitement: (a) nib is made "in house"—so might be something new, and (b) pen looks dynamite in the pictures. I had some disappointments...

(a) I ran a bunch of experiments to try to rescue this nib, but I had to conclude it's a dud. Very dry, no matter what you do. If you draw a big circle real fast, you'll get about a third of a circle. The rest will be an empty trench in the paper. Hard starts, the works. If you put black ink in there, you get gray. I tried six inks.

(b) The one I rec'd isn't as handsome as the one in the advertising pictures. Don't get me wrong: it's good. But still. I mean, what are ya gonna do. With these swirlies, every pen is unique.

I was actually able to solve the nib problem by unscrewing the housing and just running a different {nib+housing} into the section. Now it's got a Goulet Jowo medium nib in there, and it's beautiful. If the pen had come with this nib in the first place, I wd be giving it five stars.

Two more points. (1) It's S-C-H-U-Y-L-K-I-L-L. You'll see it spelled three or four different ways on this website. (2) If you've never tried a piston filler like this (cf. TWSBI Eco/Diamond), and you're in the habit of flooding your nib before you start writing, you'll dig the Narwhal. Anyhow, saves you a step. You don't have to get the back end off to twist the thing and dose-up our nib.

All right, I'm done.

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