Monteverde Monteverde Monza ID Flex Nib Fountain Pen - Clear
Monteverde Monteverde Monza ID Flex Nib Fountain Pen - Clear

Monteverde Monza ID Flex Nib Fountain Pen - Clear

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As part of the Monza I.D.™ series, The Monteverde Monza ID Clear Flex Nib Fountain Pen was Monteverede's first release. This modern, eye-catching design is adorned with chrome accents inside and out. The polished body shows off the pen's inner workings, catching the light and allowing your ink to shine. The pen has a threaded cap that unscrews and can post at the end of the barrel of the pen.

The filling system includes the use of a standard international ink cartridge or a converter, plus as a bonus, it is also eyedropper pen. Housed in a gift box, each set includes two ink cartridges, a converter and an eyedropper. The barrel holds 5ml of ink that will keep you writing for a long time.

Comfortable in hand, this lightweight pen is suited for everyday writing, perfect for beginner fountain pen enthusiasts as well as professionals.

Available in beautiful demonstrator Crystal Clear, Yellow, Orange and Green body and cap.  Bring a timeless fountain pen to your home or office with the Monteverde USA® Monza I.D.™


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|Jason FarrarJun-27-2021 01:38

This review is not a negative reflection on Dromgoole's customer service. It was excellent as always.

As for the pen, not so much. I bought it to add a eyedropper to my small collection. The price was right, but as inexpensive as it was I definitely did not get what I paid for. The nib performs so poorly that the pen is useless. It only flows ink half of the time. I cannot even write a legible word with it. To my junk drawer this pen goes.

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