Montegrappa Montegrappa Lustitia "Lady Justice" Ballpoint Pen
Montegrappa Montegrappa Lustitia "Lady Justice" Ballpoint Pen

Montegrappa Lustitia "Lady Justice" Ballpoint Pen

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Iustitia – “Lady Justice” – is the embodiment of fairness. Her universally recognised image includes the scales of justice, with which both sides of an argument, dispute or case are weighed and compared. Most significantly, she is always shown blindfolded, to indicate that “justice is blind”, demonstrating that it shows no favouritism, only an open mind and decision-making based on facts.

Ducale Iustitia is the pen of the justice guild: lawyers, attorneys, solicitors, barristers and judges and all the professionals who must practice justice with a pure heart. The Iustitia goddess’ silhouette crowns the signature clip, while the cap of the pen is engraved with the scales of justice and equality, also the symbol of Libra. The back part of the cap top reads the legend “Dura lex, sed lex”: "The law [is] harsh, but [it is] the law".

Made of polished black resin Ducale Iustitia is trimmed with stainless steel, it is an ideal gift for those in the legal profession, or for one just beginning as a law student. The Ducale Iustitia pen is offered as a cartridge or converter-fed fountain pen, roller and ballpoint. The fountain pen’s nib is inscribed with the Montegrappa filigree pattern and is available in Fine, Medium and Broad writing grades.

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