Montegrappa Montegrappa Blazer Fountain Pen
Montegrappa Montegrappa Blazer Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Blazer Fountain Pen

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Brand: Montegrappa
Article number: BLAZER FP F
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An enticing mix of scotch, boiling water and powdered sugar, the Blue Blazer earns its incendiary name from the theatre that accompanies it: the drink is set alight. Celebrating its 155th birthday this year, the Blue Blazer is said to be the first cocktail to undergo the touch of the flame. Most distinctively, the drink is prepared with two large tankards, between which the stream of flame travels.

Our Montegrappa Blazer is based on the Fortuna shape, but with its cap, body and trim made, appropriately, of polished hand-torched stainless steel. The surface of the pen barrel and cap basks in iridescent shades, just as a heated metal would do.

Available as fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens, the fountain pen’s nib will be made in steel and will carry Montegrappa’s filigree etching. It will be offered in the writing grades of Fine, Medium and Broad, and is converter or cartridge-fed. As a companion to the Mule, the Montegrappa Blazer will appeal to those who value authenticity, craft and a good, stiff drink. To assist in this pursuit, every Blazer pen will be delivered with a special Blazer tankard as a gift, as is traditionally used to prepare the drink and customized with the new logo. Celebrating even further the joys of the Blazer is our new, Italian spin on the classic, made with grappa, sugar, cinnamon and orange essential oils!


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