Lamy Lamy Safari Red Ballpoint
Lamy Lamy Safari Red Ballpoint

Lamy Safari Red Ballpoint

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The Lamy Safari Ballpoint Red is available for order on-line and in-store at Dromgoole's.

The Lamy Safari Red Ballpoint, originally launch in the 1980's, continues to be wildly popular, regardless of age. Made of sturdy ABS plastic, its ergonomic grip makes writing a breeze and the spring-loaded clip stands the test of time. Due to the popularity of the Lamy Safari, the color options are expansive and Special Editions are released every year. 

Click below to view additional color options:

Blue | Charcoal | Green | Neon Yellow | PinkShiny Black | White | Yellow

Special Edition: Candy (Aquamarine | Mango | Violet)

Includes: M16 Blue Refill

Design: Wolfgang Fabian

Additional Information:

Diameter - Grip10.2 mm
Diameter - Max10.8 mm
Length - Retracted13.8 cm | 5.4 in
Weight - Whole Pen (with Ink)0.49 oz  | 14 g

Warranty: 2 years

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