Semikolon is inextricably linked to Günther Dezlhofer who, after many years of experience in the distribution of stationery products, developed the first collection of blankets and boxes with a plain book cover in his studio at Starnberger See in 1988 - the birth of semicolon.

After a few years in the hands of a foreign investor, the lighthouse Albenveriag acquired the semicolon business in 2014. This medium-sized family-run company, based in Geesthacht near Hamburg, celebrates its 100th anniversary. Lighthouse has its roots in the production of bookbinding goods and has for years been a fixed size in the paper and stationery trade with the notebook brand LEUCHTTURM1917.

The basic idea of ​​semicolon is to create a series of paper products with purist design in many modern colors. The design and the color system offer the possibility to supplement and collect the products again and again.

The colors and the design have been changed and adapted over time. But still today many semicolon products are manufactured just as they were in the beginning. This illustrates very clearly the timeless, not the fast-transitable fashion of the design approach of the brand. Semicolon today is a modern classic.