J. Herbin J. Herbin "1798" Kyanite Du Nepal - 50ml Bottled Ink
J. Herbin J. Herbin "1798" Kyanite Du Nepal - 50ml Bottled Ink
J. Herbin J. Herbin "1798" Kyanite Du Nepal - 50ml Bottled Ink

J. Herbin "1798" Kyanite Du Nepal - 50ml Bottled Ink

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J. Herbin "1798" Kyanite Du Nepal is now available for purchase online and in-store pick up at Dromgoole's - Houston, Texas

Kyanite du Nepal is J. Herbin's 2019 release as part of their 1798 Special Edition series. This 50ml bottle of bright blue ink demonstrates some subtle magenta sheening and conains silver shimmering particulates.

In 1798, France was emerging from its Revolutionary period and moving into the era of the Napoleonic Wars. In this time of change and modernization, the quill pen began to be replaced by steel-nibbed dip pens. That year, the great-grandson of Jacques Herbin moved the family shop to a new location in Paris in order to grow their ink and sealing-wax business.

Kyanite is a noble mineral discovered in Nepal in 1789 (so close!). In its polished state, the mineral could be mistaken for a sapphire, exhibiting a rich, clear blue hue. But in its raw form, the mineral has an almost frosted silver-white appearance, and can range in base color from a light turquoise to a deep indigo. Kyanite du Nepal shows off all these qualities beautifully.

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Because of the amount of particles in this ink, it is best to gently shake or roll your pen in between your hands before writing, to clean it thoroughly after the ink runs out, and to not let it sit inked for more than a week unused. This will help to prevent restricted ink flow from dried particles clogging the feed.

Volume: 50ml
Bottle: Glass
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