Platinum started as a fountain pen manufacturing company in 1919.  

Making fountain pens needs many technologies such as caillarity action.  This requires ink to flow effortlessly through a very narrow channel.  Our newest technology ensures your fountain pen will not dry out when left capped over for long periods of time.

Platinum Pen created the cartridge style ink for the first time in the world.

By utilizing this technology we have been producing reusable products for several types of writing instruments such as fluorescent markers and ink markers.  We have also been manufacturing single use products so that the government and business workers can use them in terms of economy and ecology.

We deliver products to customers using some of the finest raw materials and engineering knowledge available.

As manufacturers, we believe our mission is to take you a bit closer to the future today, while taking advantage of our long history and experience, integrating new materials and new technologies to bring you improvised products for your everyday living.