George Parker, founder of the Parker brand, always drove his company's success through the use of innovation. As he famously put it: "It will always be possible to make a better pen". Over the years, Parker has been recognized as an innovator, continuing this tradition of innovation with its designs, pen constructions, materials and shapes.

Inspiration can come from almost any element imaginable, whether plant, animal, metallic or synthetic. Real know-how comes in using each element to achieve the finest aesthetic and most luxurious result. This unique spirit of craftsmanship allows the creation of unique pens using any shape and material we want, and allows customers to personalize their pens.

At Parker, our endless pursuit of excellence is key to our expertise. Nourished by a genuine fascination, we maintain an active interest in new technologies, and devour literature about the latest research and new materials. We also have the pleasure of working with like-minded suppliers who help us to push the limits of current capabilities.