Noodler's Dromgoole's Exclusive Noodler's Tx Black Bat - 3oz Bottled Ink
Noodler's Dromgoole's Exclusive Noodler's Tx Black Bat - 3oz Bottled Ink
Noodler's Dromgoole's Exclusive Noodler's Tx Black Bat - 3oz Bottled Ink

Dromgoole's Exclusive Noodler's Tx Black Bat - 3oz Bottled Ink


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This rich waterproof and feather-resistant ink is one of the darkest blacks around, and is perfect for use on cheaper papers.

Bottle: Glass
Volume: 3 oz - 88.7 ml
Manufactured: 100% U.S.A.
|John AFeb-04-2022 00:36

I was referred to Black Bat when I asked for a recommendation for an ink that would be primarily be used on normal office paper. Indeed, I have been using this ink since November and it performs exceptionally on all paper types used in my work place. It does not feather and I primarily write on one side of the sheets so bleed through is not an issue that I am concerned about. This is my go-to ink as it has water-resistant properties that are essential in my line of work.

|LindaFeb-12-2021 03:33

I've been looking forever for a true black, I didn't want undertones of green or gray or anything other than black. After trying most of the Noodler's blacks I almost gave up - until this! I won't go on as the other reviewers have stated - this is black. Black with a side of black. It's a wonderfully dark and well behaved ink too!

|Jordan RJul-30-2020 22:22

As a collector of Noodlers Inks I have started with the blacks which led me to this Dromgooles Exclusive Texas Black Bat. To my surprise this has overtaken Noodlers Heart of darkness as my favorite black ink. Not just of Noodlers but of any black ink, period. This stuff is a super black. It does not feather and writes beautifully in my Lamy 2000 EF. Its like if you combined Heart of Darkness with X-Feather and threw in just a touch of Borealis. I cant see myself using anything else when I want to go with a true black. I hope Nathan and Dromgooles continues to produce this Ink and would like to see more collaborations.

|LucasJan-28-2020 13:02

This ink is BLACK. If you thought Heart of Darkness was black, it's got nothing on this. This ink goes on wet and looks like shellac. Most blacks have a second color to them or will smear grey or green, etc... Not this! Black. It's a black that seems to pull all light from around it and somehow pops. How does a black stand out? Not clue! But it's amazing and it's bulletproof! As near as I can tell, the only downside is a longer dry time, but it's absolutely worth it! If you're looking for a deep, dark black that writes well in pistons as well as cartridge, this is your baby. As Texas is the Bat-Captial of the United States, and a bat's lack of feathers, it seems appropriate for this Dromgoole's exclusive ink to not feather. Once again, Nathan Tardif's skill and attention to detail make an amazing ink!

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