Diplomat Diplomat Aero Fountain Pen - Red
Diplomat Diplomat Aero Fountain Pen - Red

Diplomat Aero Fountain Pen - Red

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The Diplomat Aero Red Fountain Pen features a full aluminum casing, anodized surfaces and grooves on the barrel and cap. Once the user is finished writing, they will find Diplomat’s exclusive closing system provide a satisfying soft sliding click.

The Diplomat Fountain Pen is available with either a steel or 14k gold nib in Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad. 

Filling system is an international cartridge or converter when using bottled ink. 

A little about Diplomat

Made in Germany since 1922, Diplomat’s writing instruments are manufactured in their own workshops using traditional methods to produce quality products, and then manually tested with the expertise of a passionate craftsman. Combined with exceptional know-how, the high level manufacturing process explains why their writing instruments have stood the test of time and continue to share your stories. The choice to use metal as their base material ensures a perfect balance and impact resistance to each making it great for daily use or a gift.

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