Conklin Conklin Nozac Piston Fountain Pen Toledo Red
Conklin Conklin Nozac Piston Fountain Pen Toledo Red

Conklin Nozac Piston Fountain Pen Toledo Red

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Based on the original model, the Nozac™ is a writing instrument worthy of its legendary name. Machined to perfection and painstakingly hand-polished, the Nozac™ body features eight smooth faceted sides and is then adorned with striking silver along the clip, grip, and ends. Made from European grade acrylic resin, each writing instrument displays a wide variety of color. Offered in Toledo Red, a stunning shade of dark maroon marbled with a mix of colors, flecked with purple, gold, blue, or orange. Or Ohio Blue, a dazzling shade of true blue, dappled with shades of white, silver, and greens. New to Conklin , each cap is magnetized along the barrel and innermost lining for a secure closure, whether at the office or traveling. Similar to winding watches, to fill the fountain pen you must engage the piston filler mechanism. Simply twist the non-ending screw located at the end of the barrel counterclockwise to create suction within the body, then dip the nib into your ink of choice, and twist the screw clockwise to fill. Choose between fountain pen or capped ballpoint/rollerball.

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