Conklin Conklin Nozac Toledo Red Piston Fountain Pen (Discontinued)
Conklin Conklin Nozac Toledo Red Piston Fountain Pen (Discontinued)

Conklin Nozac Toledo Red Piston Fountain Pen (Discontinued)

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The Conklin Nozad Toledo Red Piston Fountain Pen is on clearance and available for purchase on-line and in-store at Dromgoole's.

Conklin , the legendary name for fine writing instruments returns with a revitalized design of a timeless classic, the Nozac™ piston filler. Originally released in 1931, Conklin took the world by storm with their patented piston-filler and polygonal design, the Conklin Nozac™ “no sack” being the only American piston-filler in production at the time.

Based on the original model, the Toledo Red Nozac™ Fountain Pen is a writing instrument worthy of its legendary name. Machined to perfection and painstakingly hand-polished, the Nozac™ body features eight smooth faceted sides and is then adorned with striking silver along the clip, grip, and ends. Made from European grade acrylic resin, each writing instrument displays a wide variety of color.

Offered in Toledo Red, a stunning shade of dark maroon marbled with a mix of colors, flecked with purple, gold, blue, and orange. Each cap is magnetized along the barrel and innermost lining for a secure closure, whether at the office or traveling. Similar to winding watches, to fill the fountain pen you must engage the piston filler mechanism. Simply twist the non-ending screw located at the end of the barrel counterclockwise to create suction within the body, then dip the nib into your ink of choice, and twist the screw clockwise to fill.

The fountain pen comes fitted with Conklin’s iridium steel point nib and is available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad or 1.1mm Stub. 

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|Jessica N.Jan-09-2021 11:38

I admit it, I bought this pen on Dromgoole’s website because I saw that it was merely a third of its MSRP and I do not regret it! In fact, I am extremely pleased by my purchase. I have a lot of >$160 fountain pens in my collection, but this is one of the few where the body of the pen really feels like it’s worth more. Like a precious gem, this pen feels heavier than its apparent size and the polish on the facets is impeccable. The magnetic clasp mechanism on the cap fits better—and with a more satisfying “clack”—than on my Avatar UR Deluxe. I paired this particular color (Toledo Red) with Diamine’s “Midnight Hour” on Tomoe River paper and the effect is very beautiful, complementing the pearlescent swirling colors of the barrel. I can understand that from the photo you’re thinking “ugh, them colors” but, trust me, in person the resin is stunning and fascinating—it’s the kind of pen you can stare into as you would into a crystal ball, turning it over and over as light plays over the facets and metallic pigments. And I like how the mechanism works and the Conklin EF nib I selected (I am most fond of EF nibs) is as smooth as silk! The line thickness is on par with my Platinum UEF nibs. The price being what it is, this pen is an unpassable value for the money. Seriously, I’d say you’re getting what feels like a $350 pen for basically chump change. I’m sure it would be MSRP’d around $350 if it had a gold nib. Better hurry up because I’m considering getting a spare in case this one ever gets lost.

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