Conklin Conklin Endura Deco Crest Fountain Pen - Blue with Rose Gold
Conklin Conklin Endura Deco Crest Fountain Pen - Blue with Rose Gold
Conklin Conklin Endura Deco Crest Fountain Pen - Blue with Rose Gold

Conklin Endura Deco Crest Fountain Pen - Blue with Rose Gold

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New February 2022

The Conklin Endura Deco Crest Blue with Rosegold Fountain Pen has a blue acrylic barrel and cap with a rosegold filigree overlay. Adorned with a #6 JoWo stainless steel nib, this fountain pen fills using international cartridges/screw in converter (included). The cap screws onto the barrel as well as to post. 

Available Nib Sizes: Extra-fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1 Stub, and Omniflex

Endura History:

The Conklin Pen Company was established in 1898 during the golden era of fountain pens, and is still regarded as one of the most prominent pen manufacturers today. Deco, a design era that began in the mid-1920’s, at the height of Conklin’s fountain pen business, was a large influence on the modern art world from architecture to fashion. Conklin pens were no exception, as they were a significant contribution to the creative new age. Conklin’s new Endura Deco Crest is the ideal revival of that exciting period. Great concepts and innovative ideas will stand the test of time.

The Conklin Pen Company of Toledo, Ohio, USA built and earned a reputation of high quality and careful workmanship that made one proud to own a genuine Conklin pen. Unfortunately, the Conklin Pen Company ceased production in 1955. The brand was brought back to life when the company was purchased in 2000. Yafa Pen Company, owner and world-wide distributor of the Conklin brand since 2009, is proud to utilize its 43 years of experience to restore the quality and dedication of the original Conklin Pen Company to produce fine pens that are treasured for generations.

It is very exciting to revitalize the original designs with their elegant and sophisticated look with the greatest attention to details and quality. From 1660 to the late 19th century filigree was ornamental work made with grains or beads. It was very popular in Italy, France and Portugal as well as India and Asia. Today filigree/overlay is a form of intricate metalwork usually of fine wire of gold, silver, copper or metal, and is used to decorate various surfaces. Filigree can be applied to any ornamental openwork of delicate or intricate design. The beauty of filigree craftsmanship is undeniable.

The first Deco Crest™ pens were manufactured by Conklin Pen Company back in 1905. Through the years the Deco Crest™ kept its place in Conklin’s  collection by virtue of its beauty and durability. The Conklin Pen Company, originally released the ever successful Endura in 1924 and the Endura line continued to expand and grow. Based on the original models, the Endura has all the aesthetic design features which made the pen such a timeless classic. By combining these two famous models, today Conklin Pen Company is proud to introduce Endura Deco Crest™. The collection is available in three gorgeous colors (blue, black and orange) with three finishes (rose gold, chrome and gunmetal). Crafted from hand-made European high-grade, hand-turned and hand-polished resin and accented with metal overlay, the barrel brilliantly reflects light off of its surface, enhancing the stunning colors. Lustrous plating adorns the clip, band, trim and overlay, enhancing the elegance of each Endura pen.

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