Books Brush Lettering by Rebecca Cahill Roots
Books Brush Lettering by Rebecca Cahill Roots

Brush Lettering by Rebecca Cahill Roots

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For the follow-up to her Modern Lettering, calligrapher extraordinaire Rebecca Cahill Roots has created a stunning, practical, and contemporary guide to lettering with brushes and brush pens-- complete with a sumptuous selection of projects.

In this quirky and relatable guide, Rebecca Cahill Roots explores the various ways brushes and brush pens can make exquisite letterforms. She helps beginners crack the basics of this beautiful, free-spirited style that has become increasingly popular as a way of expressing individuality and personality. Roots divides the book by type of media: each section contains exercises to help you become accustomed to using the pen or brush, an alphabet and a set of numbers to copy, and an example quote in the lettering style. The techniques range from lettering with watercolor or gouache to working with metallic brush pens, and Roots provides traceable practice pages, advice on photographing your lettering, and sample layouts for journals and greeting cards throughout.

160 pages.

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