Walter A. Schaefer took over his idea of ​​a pen filling device utilizing a lever mechanism, put all his own savings and established W · A · Schafer Company. (1913, Fort Madison, Iowa) The
office was in the back room of his jewelry shop, but it was never a modest vision for the company. Even now, nearly a century later, Schaefer continues to provide innovative, reliable and stylish writing instruments through generational change. Elegance and stately high pens cultivated in the history are still being used around the world. For over 100 years, it will be handed down from people's hands to hands in stead of Signature, unchanged over the times.

Sheaffer Converter

Sheaffer Sheaffer Converter


Converter to fit Sheaffer pens. Available for purchase in-store and online at Dromgoole's.

Sheaffer Ink Cartridges

Sheaffer Sheaffer Ink Cartridges


Set of 5 Sheaffer fountain pen ink cartridges.